Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance

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Pet Insurance

Why Pet Insurance?

Do you love your pet? Every pet owner must insure their pets as veterinary medicine and medical treatments are becoming more expensive. No matter how much you care for your pet. You always need additional care and protection for your loved pet, that’s why at Insure Bazzar we have dedicated pet plans and covers for your loved pet.

PET Insurance

Pet Insurance:

Pet insurance in the UAE is meant for the two most popular homely pets which are dogs and cats. It provides their owners peace of mind from their pet’s medical expenses. A Pet plan covers the cost of veterinary treatment for an insured person’s sick or wounded pet, it may be partly or even fully. There are some more pet plans that will provide compensation if your insured pet is lost or stolen or even in some worst situations like death.

What’s Covered In Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance coverage in UAE differs from one policy to another.

Here are some of the pet Insurance covers listed below:


  1. Costs of hospitalization
  2. Cost of Advertisements or rewards in the event of loss or theft
  3. Injury or Illness
  4. Death due to injury & Illness
  5. Third Party Liability – Compensation for damages or injury caused by your pet to third parties.
Pet Insurance

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PET Insurance
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