Education Funding

Education Funding

Over the years, education has become an integral part of our society. As part of the Higher Education Reform, parents will need to start planning for the cost of education in advance. This means parents will need to work out how much they will need to pay for their children’s higher education as early as possible so that they are not caught short when they need to fund their child’s education.

Education funding is a crucial part of building a successful future for your children. So, planning for your child’s education is very important at the earliest stage possible. And starting at the earliest stage allows your investment amount to grow as much as it can.

Having a good education funding/child investment policy will help your child to have further education without any hindrance, prepare them for the workforce, and helps in planning their future.

Parents often ask us (FAQ)

"What should I consider when choosing a child investment plan or higher education funding policy for our children?"

  1. One should consider their goals and the best educational options for their children.
  2. Consider the required amount of finance needed for your child’s education.
  3. Be conscious that choosing your premium is affordable.
  4. Plan to have a flexible policy, which can increase your savings gradually in the future.
  5. Make sure that you are eligible for the payor benefit rider.

"Which education funding policy is the best choice for their family?"

To help you in providing the best education funding /child investment policy to support your child’s educational goals & financial requirements, we at Insure Bazzar are well expertise in suggesting the best suitable plan which is designed to provide defined benefits, at specific stages in your child’s life.

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