Hotel Package Insurance

Hotel Package Insurance

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Hotel Package Insurance

Hotel insurance in Dubai is designed to protect hotels, motels, and other types of lodging businesses & the hospitality industry against financial losses that may arise due to various risks. These include risks like fire, allied perils, theft, etc. 


Hotel Package Insurance Covers:

Hotel insurance policies typically include coverage for the 

  1. Building & it’s Contents
  2. Business interruption
  3. Money 
  4. Fidelity guarantee
  5. Workmen compensation
  6. Third-party liability & Public Liability including Food Poisoning


Building Coverage & Contents Coverage:

Building coverage protects the physical structure of the hotel and its contents, such as computers or IT equipment, furniture, fixtures, equipment, stocks and other assets that are used in the operation of the hotel. 


Business interruption:

Business interruption coverage provides financial protection if the hotel is unable to operate due to an insured loss, such as a fire or natural disaster. 

In addition to these basic coverages, hotel insurance policies may also include liability coverage, which protects the hotel against claims made by guests or employees for injuries or accidents that occur on the property.  


Fidelity Guarantee:

A fidelity guarantee is a type of insurance that is meant to protect a hotel against losses incurred as a result of employee theft or dishonesty. This can include things like embezzlement, theft of cash or guest property, or other forms of fraud. 


Workmen compensation:

Workmen compensation insurance for hotels provides financial protection for employees who are injured or become ill as a result of their work and can help cover the costs of medical expenses, lost wages, and other expenses related to the injury or illness.


Glass Plate Cover

Plate glass insurance is a type of coverage that provides coverage for damages to the glass windows, doors and partitions that are commonly found in hotels. 

It’s important for hotels in Dubai to have the right insurance coverage in place to protect against potential losses and to ensure the continued operation of the business. It’s important for hotel owners to review their insurance needs on a regular basis to ensure that their coverage is adequate and up-to-date.


Money Insurance:

Money insurance is a type of insurance that is designed to protect hotels against losses of money due to theft, fraud, or other criminal activities. This can include things like cash, cheques, credit card receipts, and other forms of payment.

Money insurance can provide coverage for losses that occur on the hotel property, as well as losses that occur while the money is being transported to or from the hotel or in the hotel locker. Money insurance policies typically have limits on the amount of coverage that is provided, and the policy may have exclusions for certain types of losses. It is important for hotels to have a clear understanding of the coverage and limits of their money insurance policy.


Third-party liability:

Third-party liability insurance can cover a wide range of potential liabilities that a hotel may face. Similarly, if a hotel employee causes damage to a guest’s property, the hotel could be held liable for those damages. It also covers financial losses that arise due to Food Poisoning. The amount of coverage provided under a third-party liability policy will depend on the policy and the type of hotel.

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